Light Vehicles - Tacho Rules

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Light Vehicles - Tacho Rules

Post by LM90 »

HI All

Looking for guidance on tachograph rules when operating, lets say, a 4x4 with a trailer, vehicle is lighter than 2040, so doesnt conform to O Licence, but is in scope for EU tachograph rules. Is this only when carrying the vehicle? Only when performing the delivery? Once on tacho, on tacho for the day? Can appreciate the weekly rest requirement as standard when mixing EU and domestic.

What about scenario, driver drops off after 12 hours, and then wants to do a personal run to the shops on his way home? Can he pull the tacho card out?

Help and guidance would be much appreciated, thanks!
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Re: Light Vehicles - Tacho Rules

Post by Bluecorn »

Are you saying its a dual purpose vehicle (under2040Kgs) and then tows so GTW is over 3.5t? When you say 'carrying the vehicle' do you mean as a car transporter? On the face of it, tacho etc required.
When you talk about other driving etc, its up to you to demonstrate, if asked, what records you have of that other work. Many folks get a DPV to broker the balance between a work vehicle and a private use vehicle, typically the costs are borne by the business, so, it would likely be a matter of being able to demonstrate when it is not work related, otherwise it all comes down to work related and impacts on the tacho. Its the price you pay for using the business veh for private use. (Apologies, I mean You as in the generic owner/user rather than a personal jab )
Have a look at the following to see if you have any exemptions, ... erogations
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