Last notice before resignation of your transport manager

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Last notice before resignation of your transport manager

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If you've followed the process on collecting your payments for transport manager services as recommended here, send the email below to the operator as your last attempt to collect and resign afterwards. If you are on an application under consideration (as opposed to a valid licence), you can add that: Replacing a transport manager in the middle of your application process delays your licence by at least a month even if you find a replacement on the same day.

Email subject: Last notice before resignation of your transport manager


I will resign and remove my name from your operator's licence or application tomorrow, on 11 May 2022, at 11:00 am sharp if your full payment is not received by that time. A resignation is a simple procedure, it only takes a short email to your caseworker on [email protected]. The reason will be specified as non-payment as agreed. This is the last notice you will receive and there will be no more attempts to contact you.

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If you need a Transport Manager (CPC Holder) or assistance with an Operator's Licence anywhere in the UK, contact Dmitry Nade at 7 days a week on 07833 684449 (phone and WhatsApp) or email: [email protected]
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