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Neri Nightingale – aka Neringa Nightingale

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Neri Nightingale posted a complaint in the Facebook retard group for TMs about an operator that I referred to her who supposedly "didn't pay her". She should've clarified that she WAS PAID for her first month in ADVANCE. The operator didn't use her TM services at all during that first month. He essentially disappeared and no one could find him. Also, his licence came up for a renewal at the end of her first month but he didn't renew it. In other words, the company went out of business during her first month. In these circumstances naturally he didn't pay her (also in advance) for the SECOND month. So she could just remove your name from his non-renewed licence and forget about it. She didn't do anything, she got paid for the first month and before the second month even started, she already knew that it was extremely unlikely that he was going to keep her as TM and continue paying her.

She also posted that she got "no support from me". I did my best to get in touch with the operator but he wouldn't reply to my calls, emails, texts, WhatsApp messages. Additionally, I have more than 300 posts on this website most of which are answers to FAQ's asked by transport managers and operators. She received links to the pages with answers to the questions she asked. There was no other "support" that I could give her. She has really nothing to complain about. These things can happen sometimes, there's no way to avoid them completely. Additionally, she was a member of my Facebook groups with 27,000 members total:
She could've gotten any additional support in those groups. But instead of asking questions, all she did was post ads for her TM services which are not allowed in those groups, so when I removed her ads, she left the groups.

Can someone please repost this in the Facebook retard group for TMs where she complained? To let them them know what really happened because I've been told they are all crying over there.

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