Photographs of the operating centre site for PSV applications – Requirements and guidelines

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Photographs of the operating centre site for PSV applications – Requirements and guidelines

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When you apply for a PSV operator's licence, most likely you will be asked to provide photographs that show where your operating centre site is located and site plans. Site plans can be obtained using a satellite view on Google Maps.

The photographs should show, where appropriate:
  • the full parking area
  • entry and exit to the yard from the main road
  • the boundary of where your vehicles will park
  • each of the bays where each of your PSVs will park
  • any signs that show your spaces are restricted use, or where signs could be placed
  • space around all sides of the PSV(s) to allow a full walkround check could be completed
  • the area where your non-PSVs will park
  • the area where staff / visitors will park
  • the area(s) where the other occupants will park
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